BullishRunCrypto (BULLISH)

Is an Ethereum-based token and it is more than about cryptocurrency. It's the currency that guarantees price stability by direct control of the supply using smart contracts.BullishRunCrypto is committed to develop fully qualified and professional global blockchain community by cooperating with the other blockchain communities, third party services, developers and companies.


Token Info

The total supply of BULLISH is 5Million, meaning that the total supply is limited. The goal of BULLISH is to create a bull market for investors & to innovate the experience of using virtual currency in real life

Contract Address                                0x6ECCcf7EbC3497a9334F4fE957A7D5FA933C5bCc

Token Symbol                                                                       BULLISH

 Decimals                                                                                0


BullishRunCrypto runs on the speed of the Ethereum blockchain, an enormous global infrastructure that can move value around the world in a matter of minutes.



BullishRunCrypto works with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.




With BullishRunCrypto Latest blockchain technology will keep your funds secured.





Stayed Tuned for more updates. Presale and crowdsale has ended

Q1 & Q2 2017

Concept Development, Research into blockchain technology and payment gateway markets, Feasible study of all possible technologies we can integrate in.

Q3 2017

Core Market Ideas formation, Whitepaper v1.0.1 release,

Q4 2017

Airdrops and Presale, ICO begins, Reward plans for Hodlers

Q1 2018

Listing on Coinmarketcap, Listing on more exchanges like Cryptopia, Yobit and HitBTC. Price Prediction: $25

Q2 2018

Airdrops for Hodlers and other promotional rewards. More listings. Price Prediction: $50

Q3 2018

Website Upgrade, DDOS Protection. Staking Platform PreLaunch. More Exchange Listings.Price Prediction: $90

  • Q4 2018

Development of Trading bot commences. Partnership with some big cryptocurrency companies. Company Licensing. Price Prediction: $150

Q1 2019

Development of secure Mobile and PC wallets begins, Payment Gateway Core testing, Market data feed integration, Alternative data partnerships and integration

Q2 2019

Airdrops for Hodlers, Bounty and other promotional rewards.

Q3 2019

International Launch of BULLISH Wallet, Trading bot testing begins. Price Prediction: $250

More to come:

Launching of BULLISH trading bots, Online Marketplace Launch, more partnerships,BULLISH credit cards etc               

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